Paua Shell necklaces jewellery handmade in the UK

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Here you will find many unusual and original Paua Shell necklaces all handmade in the UK. Jewellery crafted by hand from Paua Shell set with pearls and crystals

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Unusual Paua Shell jewellery design set with pretty pink bands of semi-precious Rose Quartz handmade jewellery crafted in the UK
Oval pendant & pearls create this Paua shell unique jewellery design a handcrafted Paua shell necklace design with only one being made
1 remaining, A lovely Paua Shell handmade jewellery design that has been set with semi-precious Amethyst beads that compliment the shell perfectly
A pretty handcrafted paua shell necklaces jewellery design that has Paua shell beads set under a block of Blue Goldstone and it was handmade in the UK
ONLY 1 MADE Paua Shell unusual necklaces, unique one of a kind handmade jewellery with a leaf pendant framed with freshwater pearls
These necklaces of Paua Shell have a square block of Paua Shell that sits on a necklace of pink crystal and shell beads
Unique Paua Shell jewellery necklaces design handcrafted from a round mosaic pendant on a necklace of pearls and crystals
SOLD Paua Shell necklace made by hand jewellery with a round pendant sitting perfectly on a necklace of pearls, crystals and Paua shell beads
unusual-paua-shell-necklace-with-a round-pendant.jpg
Sold, Paua Shell unique necklace in a one of a kind design handmade jewellery design made in the UK
A unique and unusual Paua Shell necklace jewellery handmade with semi-precious Black Onyx and black crystal beads
A paua shell pendant necklace set with semi-precious Amethyst and Green Aventurine beads in a limited edition handmade jewellery design
Now Sold, Paua Shell necklace handmade jewellery with marquise shaped beads in a beautiful deep blue colour
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